Golden Bug

The latest offering on the radar is electronic robot funk in the form of Barcelona's Golden Bug (Antoine Harispuru). He has just recently released his debut full-length Hot Robot after issuing some singles on Gomma Records (WhoMadeWho) which have been well received by the likes of Prins Thomas, Shit Robot, and Digitalism.

This record is full of 70's funk beats, nu disco grooves, and processed vocals that take you on a weird yet amazing journey through the musical gamut. The opening track, Midnight Rabbit, is a strange but satisfying slice of disco funk that is played out alongside robot-esque vocals. The lead single, Look Look Look, is full of killer dance beats and great synth lines.

Here are those tracks as well as a pretty cool video for the In Flagranti (who are so hot right now) remix of Look Look Look.

MP3: Midnight Rabbit - Golden Bug (YSI)
MP3: Look Look Look - Golden Bug (YSI)

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