Tiga has just released his brand new album. Ciao! is the follow-up to 2007's Sexor (which featured the club smash You Gonna Want Me).

This record is along the same vein as its predecessor but seems a bit more focused on simple textures and layers. Some songs walk a fine line of sounding too cheesy (Sex O'Clock, Turn The Night On) but the campiness can be effectively catchy (Shoes).

One of the highlights, What You Need, is a great electro track full of distorted, dirty synths and techno beats that is perfect for the dance floor. The song that just doesn't fit with the overall sound of the album is Mind Dimension (edited down to 4:37). While it's still a great song, it should have stayed a single release only.

This is a quality electronic album and fans of Tiga will definitely dig it.

*** Update:: Unfortunately we've been asked to take down the Tiga tracks, but I'm sure you can find the album online. 

Here's the New Video for Shoes.  

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