UltraChorus + Phoenix + Alan Wilkis

Got these great tracks from UltraChorus (Minneapolis, Minnesota) sent to my inbox ( the other day.

They were described as kinda like Postal Service, but with harder beats. I can hear some of those similarities.

Of the two original tracks they sent me, I really loved 'Words Kept Talking'. A catchy electro-pop track with a happy feel, good dancey vibe & great minimal vocoder effects.

Here's the mp3 for that, plus a remix they did for Phoenix's '1901'. Although not as good as the original, it's still a solid effort.

MP3: Words Kept Talking - UltraChorus (YSI)
MP3: 1901 (UltraChorus Remix) - Phoenix (YSI)

Speaking of Phoenix heard they were on Saturday Night Live the other night which I always miss cause I'm at work spinning Saturdays. Here they are performing '1901' and introduced by Host Seth Rogen who seems to be everywhere at the moment. Pretty sweet performance! They sound exactly like their recordings. Can't wait for their full length.

While on the subject of Phoenix here is another great remix sent to me for '1901' by independent Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist Alan Wilkis. Great beats and a really great remix!! Check out his myspace link above to hear more from him. His style is a mixture of indie rock, classic rock & electronics. Think you guys will dig it.

MP3: 1901 (Alan Wilkis Remix) - Phoenix (YSI)

** If you are an artist/band and have music you think would fit in well with what we post here at Off the Radar (or even have recommends) send me mp3's/videos/info for consideration to I get alot of my content/ideas for posts from what's sent to us. Thanks!


Victor Castro said...

I was waiting for someone to loop the guitars and synths to 1901.

I have 'Words Kept Talking' in repeat as I catch with THE music.

We cannot get enough of Brooklyn!

Victor Castro said...

now that i've heard this one remix, i've come across 500 of other ones. it's like "they" read this, got jealous and came my way. do they not know i'm married?

Vikas said...

Hey, we're having a listening party for Alan Wilkis Thursday night at Hiro Mezzanine. Alan will be hosting a table and canoodling with his fans. Let me know if you want to stop by. Don't know whether you're brooklyn based or not, but please feel free to spread the word.