Here is another gem in the form of Zwicker. Zwicker is the alias of Swiss-born musician Cyril Boehler. His newest offering, Songs of Lucid Dreams, is set to be released this month.

He blends electro, disco, funk, house, and pop into his own brand of expansive, futuristic soundscapes and organic, percussive beats. His sound is similar to artists such as Lindstrom, Junior Boys, and Prins Thomas.

The opening track on the album, Who You Are, starts off with a great nu-disco piano groove and lush, female vocals. Oddity features propulsive beats, a funky bass line, and xylophone before closing with some processed, atmospheric guitar work.

All in all, Songs of Lucid Dreams is a great album that will be sure to turn some heads in the time to come.

Here are a couple of my favorite tracks from the album to hold you over until its release.

MP3: Oddity - Zwicker (YSI)
MP3: Strangeways - Zwicker (YSI)

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