Chester French

So I was about to do a post about Chester French who was recommended to me when I saw this post/flyer on Miami New Times about Chester French doing a FREE Acoustic Set Wednesday at 3:30 like 20 blocks from my place! Sweet! Perfect timing!!

Not sure were Culture Kings is. Think it's near to were Rag Trade/Amendment XXI used to be, but if you can make it I definitely recommend checking them out, especially for FREE! Not too much of that nowadays. Get out of work early or take a late lunch or something. They have a great classic rock sound and have been opening up for Lady Gaga on her current tour. They even started a bidding war finally ending up on Pharrell Williams label Star Trak. Check the New Times link above for more info.

Here is the track that I love by them called 'She Loves Everybody' about a girl who well, loves everybody! We all know a few girls like that. The video's pretty funny too. The girl starts kicking their asses after they talk smack in front of her! Dude wait till she leaves the room at least.

Enjoy and see you guys tomorrow for a nice mid-day show!

MP3: She Loves Everybody - Chester French (YSI)


Unknown said...

mm i first discovered the neptunes remix before the original...RAC released their remix of it....amazing

Louis said...

if you guys enjoy CF, you should throw an ear to the latest Laviolette's track, WE CANNOT SHINE. kinda dope

they're at