Great Northern

Craving some good Indie Rock??

I know I do, especially with todays music climate which for the last couple years seems to be leaning more towards the electronic realm. Some guitars and good melodies are always welcome!

Received in the mail the other day this great CD by Great Northern who hail from California. Seems their second album 'Remind Me Where the Light Is' is set to be released at the end of the month April 28th and I'm here to tell you it's a great one!

There's not a bad song in the 11 track bunch! Great guitar driven indie rock with layered male/female vocals and a sweeping panoramic sound.

They've been featured at SXSW and are also gonna be opening up for The Dears on their upcoming tour! Not too shabby right? They are sure to win over many a fan with this album. That I can guarantee.

The first two tracks on the album Story and Houses are obvious hits, but they've already been blogged about and made it onto Hype Machine, so I'm gonna post a couple other tracks from the album. Snakes which is an anthemic stomper and Numbers a more mellow track towards the end of the album that I really like!

*** Scratch that last paragraph. The label wants to keep the other tracks off Hype Machine at least till the album is released, so here are Story & Houses.

MP3: Story - Great Northern (YSI)
MP3: Houses - Great Northern (YSI)

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