Yaay Spring Break!

Spring Break is here! For me anyways, since I'm long out of school, I get to choose the dates! So it starts as soon as I step out of the office tonight! Spring is quickly becoming my favorite season. Not as cold as winter (fine... it's NEVER cold in Miami), defintely not as hot and sticky as summer (NAAAAASSSTTYY). And I get my sunsets back! Half the year they are hidden on the other side of the building but for 6 amazing months, I get the view above every day. Even on ugly days, the weather seems to clear out for the sunset.

Well, yeah I'm not going stick around on my week off staring at sunsets (and dealing with spring breakers... de madre. I'm outta here! Next week I'm heading out to the West Coast to visit my sister and check out this place called "Los Angeles". I believe it means "a whale's vagina", no wait that's San Di-ah-go. I think the real meaning of the name Los Angeles was lost long ago by our ancestors.

Anyways, I'm psyched up to see all the sites out there. The Hollywood sign (going to attempt to hike to it), Griffith Observatory (obsessed with that building), trip out to Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, well you can imagine. It's all new to me! They have this little concert out there called "Coachella". It's some local town fair where they have stages and people play music. It's supposed to be a big thing out there. Well, I'm not going. It sounds like a tree-huggin' hippie fest. In reality I didn't care of the line-up and would rather see most of those acts at smaller venues. So step it up local promoters and bring some good shit down! (Animal Collective in June!!)

Anyways, I haven't posted in a while (no excuses and I won't dwell on it), BUT what I'll do is post up a little ol' mix tape of what I'm listening to right now (approximately). I'll divide it into chill and not chill playlists (once again approximately).

MP3: The XX - Teardrops (this song sounds like the next iPod commercial, expect it to hear it on the next The Hills episode - I'm going to see the real Hills next week! hahahaha)

MP3: Bombay Bicycle Club - Always Like This (the kids are back, presumably a bit older. Their sound definitely is)

MP3: Fredo Viola - The Turn (Fink Remix) (love the sounds this guy is producing, the remix just gives it a nice groove)

MP3: Hecuba - Tom & Jerry (I can watch Tom & Jerry cartoons over and over again. This track is by a duo currently based out of LA and the reviews of their shows are glowing, maybe I can catch them while I'm there?)

MP3: DOOM - Gazzillion Ear (Thom Yorke Remix) (it's DOOM, no need to explain, my best friend crapped himself when I told him I had the album. Oh wait and Thom Yorke remixed a track from it?? Yes please... I love Pitchfork's quote "Kanye is jealous." hahahaha)

Let's pick up the pace a bit...

MP3: Chiddy Bang - Because (aaaand what? I found this on a friend's Facebook post, damn The Cool Kids gots themselves some competition. Hold up! A Radiohead sample? Not a bad choice...)

MP3: In Flagranti - Brash & Vulgar (their new long player is out and it will be played... but thankfully I think it's underground enough not to be played out... these guys know how to pick their samples...)

This is the part of the post where I just start dancing b/c I like the music so much... Warning some may find this "boring". And by boring they mean ridiculously infectious beats that will make your buddy move.

MP3: Davis & May - Whisper & Scream

MP3: Paulo Olarte - Siluetas (Roberto Rodriguez Remix)

MP3: Subway - Simplex (Gatto Fritto Mix) (Soul Jazz Records, don't' know how the jazz part fits in but anyhoo, just released a ridiculous 32 track compilation of their 2008 and 2009 singles - I like this one... nice way to end the mix tape)

Also, Damian Lazarus' new album is out. I posted "Moment" from the album a couple weeks back. Really interesting release. I expected more minimal house sounds but he definitely surprised with an album that sounds much warmer (with plenty of vocals).

MP3: Yaaaaay BACON!!!!! (comedian Jim Gaffigan on Bacon)

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Victor Castro said...

Good stuff. My fave: Fredo Viola - The Turn (Fink Remix)... thanks... for asking! welcome back!