Bananaz On The Dancefloors!

A couple of internet goodies I stumbled across recently.

First up, the Gorillaz documentary Bananaz is available to stream online before it's official DVD release on June 1.

I am definitely going to peek inside the minds of those that created one of the most interesting cross-media projects of the past decade (couple decades possibly?). The Gorillaz feature film never did really pan out, but the strength always leaned towards the music anyways (except in the case where the visuals merged with their music for their amazing live shows).

Check it out on Babel Gum.

Next up, party-centric taste makers Mad Decent just released a app for the iPhone causing every hipster from Koreatown to Williamsburg collectivity whisper, "why didn't I think of that?"

I hope plugging the iPhone into the soundboard does not become a 2am trend every week. It's cool the first time, oh and the 2nd time with the lasers. In fact, I expect the dance floors to go bananaz when they hear the air horn. I dunno why I think it's just a natural reaction we are born with. People just go nuts on the the dance floor when the air horn (or if you're George Acosta, train horn)

Just don't over do it guys... Two weeks MAX.

Peep that over here (link to the iTunes store).

And what better way to wrap this post up than with a Diplo remix of a track from the Gorillaz rock opera Monkey: Journey To The West.

MP3: Monkey Bee (Diplo Remix) (ysi)

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