The Vanish

The Vanish combine two of my favorite spots for music, Australia & New York City!

Seems The Vanish (now in NYC) are a transplanted Australian electronic pop duo that made the plunge and quit their day jobs for that elusive music dream.

From what I 've heard so far they may have made the right decision.

They've put out a self titled EP and are working on their debut album to be released later this year.

Here is a little bio they have on their myspace.

About The Vanish::

'The Vanish was born in 2008 when two workmates decided to shun the grind of their New York City jobs, pack up their desks and disappear. Suddenly aware that life isn’t a rehearsal, they took a gamble on the music game.

It’s the creative extension of their days playing together in teenage punk bands growing up in Australia - and this early influence remains. They now deal with the issues of identity and conformity faced in their previous nine-to-five lives over a boiling fusion of post-punk, nu-wave and electro.

Both experienced DJs and seasoned instrumentalists, The Vanish combine these aspects through a tapestry of late-night electro, rocking verses and crunching guitar chords.

DJ sets and live shows - bringing in drummer Ben Yabsley - will span across Australia and the United States in 2009.'

We'll be on the look-out. In the meantime here's a few MP3's to get you aquainted.

MP3: I Don't Speak French - The Vanish (YSI)
MP3: Hold On - The Vanish (YSI)
MP3: Heartbeat - The Vanish (YSI)

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