Black Moth Super Rainbow

Black Moth Super Rainbow from Pennsylvania first caught my attention when I read that Dave Fridmann produced their new album 'Eating Us'. Dave's a genious! I pretty much like everything he touches, so I always look into any new bands he's working with. This one is no exception, another great band!

BMSR sound reminds me of Air and should appeal to fans of Air, albeit with more psychedelia, distortion and fuzz. That doesn't sound too bad right. Naw.. great stuff. A great late night record!

Try these two tracks on for size, plus a more uptempo remix of 'Twin of Myself' by Go! Team.

If you like these, chances are you'll like the album and should pick that up pronto.

MP3: Twin of Myself - Black Moth Super Rainbow (YSI)
MP3: Fields Are Breathing - Black Moth Super Rainbow (YSI)
MP3: Twin of Myself (Go! Team Remix) - Black Moth Super Rainbow (YSI)

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