ANR Release Rational Geographic Vol. II

Miami's very own and friends Awesome New Rupublic (ANR for short) just released Volume II of their 2009 album Rational Geographic. Pretty genious idea I think. Split up your album in 3 parts and get each little by little every couple of months. Keeps you having new music all year long. Wonder if it will catch on?

You can download the 6 tracks for FREE on their site now at Just give them your email and city/state and you're in! I highly recommend you do so. These guys are on the verge of blowing up. Getting write-ups on Pitchfork, Stereogum and Off the Radar of course. Hehe...

Here's a couple of my favorites, but they're all quite excellent!

MP3: Florida - Awesome New Republic (YSI)
MP3: Woman - Awesome New Republic (YSI)

Here's a short 1 min. clip of them rocking out including, The Vagabond were I spin Fridays and Saturdays.

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