Cavaliers of Fun

Eccentric UK solo act Cavaliers of Fun, is just what his name entails. Lots of fun! Taking you on a fantastic space journey via the 1980's through amazing retro synth solos, catchy, danceable rhythms and poppy, upbeat vocals with the histrionic intent that if the world is gonna end in 2012, we might as well have a good time our last three years!

Ricco Vitali, the man behind Cavaliers of Fun, has yet to complete this great galactic voyage in the form of a full album. But his new, yet nostalgic, mellow feel-good sound in his tracks "Secret Galaxy" and "2012" makes me optimistic for where he has yet to take us in the future.

Frankly, I was sold at retro synth.

MP3: Secret Galaxy - Cavaliers of Fun (YSI)
MP3: 2012 - Cavaliers of Fun (YSI)

COF also has this great remix of The Teenagers song "Feeling Better".

MP3: Feeling Better (Cavaliers of Fun Remix) - The Teenagers (YSI)

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