Something for the Week-end...

Naw not the heels, although I'm sure my girlfriend would want every single one of them!
How about some musical goodness? That's what we do at OTR!

God how I love Fridays! I think it's because it's the beginning of the week-end and the potential is all there, waiting for you. It's like that amazing Cure classic 'Friday I'm in Love'. I always feel that way. I'm sure most of you would agree!

It doesn't hurt that I also have the honor to spin at an amazing party every Friday Night at The Vagabond were the crowd is very open minded and I can totally go Off the Radar! Believe me that ain't too common in Miami. It's almost like they crave to hear new stuff and I'm glad to provide it. Can't beat the feeling when the room is full, everyone's dancing and you got a few drinks in you! Cheers to that and your week-end!

Here's some stuff to guide you through it. Maybe play one or two out if your a DJ or just prep up at home or on in the car on your way out to the club. I recommend doing both! :)

Cicada who I wrote about last year and posted that great Twelves Metropolis Remix of here are still promoting their excellent album 'Roulette'. 'Psycho Thrills' is the next single and they did this great video for it. Here is that plus a couple of my album faves!

MP3: One Beat Away - Cicada (YSI)
MP3: Green Light - Cicada (YSI)

Speaking of the week-end Calvin Harris new album is called 'Ready for the Week-end' and is out now. Ready for the week-end is also the name of the first single/video from the album. If you haven't seen it, you have to! The girls are pretty gorgeous and that never hurts a video's chances. The vivid colors in videos are also still in full effect for 2009! Got a little diva action in there too. In addition here is a Fake Blood Remix plus the excellent album opener 'The Rain'.

MP3: The Rain - Calvin Harris (YSI)
MP3: Ready for the Week-end (Fake Blood Remix) - Calvin Harris (YSI)

Another favorite of mine who just released an album is Sally Shapiro with 'My Guilty Pleasure'. Perfect name, cause that's how I feel about her, as well other contemporaries like Annie. I can't help loving them! Amazing dance anthems, quality productions and great vocals. Silky smooth pop that's tops! Here's a couple tracks, plus her cute video for 'Love in July'.

MP3: Moonlight Dance - Sally Shapiro (YSI)
MP3: Love in July - Sally Shapiro (YSI)

Memory Cassettes put out a couple dreamy videos for their dreamy music from their latest EP 'Call & Response'. Here is my favorite one for Surfin'/Body in the Water.

Finally I leave you with some newbies! Fresh new remixes... Some more dancey, some more chill, but all top notch!

MP3: Maximus (Jori Hulkkonen Remix) - Beni (YSI)
MP3: Animal (Fred Falke Remix) - Miike Snow (YSI)
MP3: Die Slow (Tobacco Remix) - Health (YSI)

Here's the mediafire folder if you wanna download all the tracks in one go.

That should you keep you busy for awhile. Have a great and safe week-end! Rock the music! If you like what we do tell your friends to head on over...


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