Nebraska Pop Festival

The folks over at Nebraska smack in the center of the U.S. are having their first ever Nebraska Pop Festival at the end of the month August 27th-30th and they contacted us to help spread the word on the event which benefits their college radio station.

If their college radio station is anything like ours 90.5 WVUM here in Miami it's probably one of the only good sources of music on the radio, so I felt obliged to help spread the word. Particularly to any of our readers who might live nearby.
Below is the info/line-up/poster Matt their stations program director sent us. They also included a 19 track zip file filled with many of the bands that will be performing. Some great Off the Radar stuff here! Who knows how many of these artists/bands may go on to become big names.

Here's the email they sent us...

My name is Matt Beat and I am the program director for Mavradio (, the college radio station at the University of Nebraska-Omaha.

I am writing you to let you know about the first-ever Nebraska Pop Festival, a benefit for the station. All proceeds made from the festival will go directly to the station.

The Nebraska Pop Festival will be held on August 27, 28, 29 and 30th of 2009 (those dates being Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday). The shows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be all ages. The show held on Thursday requires those attending to be 21 years and older.

24 indie pop bands from New York City, Chicago, Seattle, Dallas, Milwaukee, Omaha, Lincoln, NE, Lawrence, KS, Ames, IA, Des Moines, Denmark, Brazil, and Indonesia will perform.

Ticket prices are 8 USD in advance, 10 USD at the door each night (5 USD at the Thursday night show). Four-day passes are available for 25 USD at

Nebraska Pop Festival 2009 Lineup::

Thursday August 27th @ Barley Street Tavern. Start time 7:00PM with end time at 1:00AM (This show is 5 USD at the door)

1. The Argyle Wishlist (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
2. The Sleepover (Lincoln, Nebraska)
3. Magic Crayon (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
4. Honey and Darling (Omaha, Nebraska)
5. The Tinycakes (Chicago, Illinois)
6. Pennyhawk (Ames, Iowa)

Friday August 28th @ The Waiting Room. Start time 7:00PM with end time at 1:00AM (ALL AGES SHOW)

1. Spiders For Love (Omaha, Nebraska)
2. Transmittens (Lawrence, Kansas)
3. Mr. and Mrs. Muffins (Jakarta Indonesia & Seattle, Washington)
4. Talking Mountain (Omaha, Nebraska)
5. Poland (Seattle, Washington)
6. Strega (NYC, New York)

Saturday August 29th @ The Waiting Room. Start time 7:00PM with end time at 1:00AM (ALL AGES SHOW)

1. Electric Needle Room (Omaha, Nebraska)
2. Hanwell (Des Moines, Iowa)
3. Labrador w/ special guest Dereck Higgins on bass(Copenhagen, Denmark)
4. Mammoth Life (Lawrence Kansas)
5. Thunder Power (Omaha, Nebraska)
6. Cleemann w/ special guest Dereck Higgins on bass (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Sunday August 30th @ The Waiting Room. Start time 7:00PM with end time at 1:00AM (ALL AGES SHOW)

1. Sweet Pea (Omaha, Nebraska)
2. Andrew K. Butler (Lincoln, Nebraska)
3. Cowboy Indian Bear (Lawrence, Kansas)
4. At Land (Omaha, Nebraska)
5. The Mother Z's (Chicago, Illinois)
6. Darren Keen (Omaha, Nebraska)

Here is a free 19 track mixtape from the bands playing the festival…

Here is a link to the NPF poster


Matt Beat

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