La Dolce Vita

How can you tell when you got some sick remixers with amazing ears on your hands? Easy, when they keep putting out incredilble remixes!

La Dolce Vita are production duo/DJ's from Chicago that kept sending me track after track of amazing remixes from the likes of artists I love like The Faint, Passion Pit and now their latest for The Sounds.

At one point I was include them in a mailbag, but with this many great remixes I felt it was appropriate to give them their own spotlight on Off the Radar.

Don't take my word for it though, just check out some of these remixes/dancefloor stompers they've already put out. Some of the best remixes I've heard so far for these tracks!

With these kind of instincts we're bound to be hearing some great original music from these gentlemen in the near future. You can bet on that!

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