Late Summer Video Roundup

Thought I'd make good use of my weekend and roundup some of late summers amazing new music videos for your Monday viewing/listening pleasure. What better way to say farewell to August and kick off September, right? Got some great stuff!

What's better than ghosts, pirates and hand puppets? How about ghost and pirate hand puppets on an epic journey through heaven, sea and earth set to a great Dan Deacon song! I am really loving this new video for Dan Deacon's catchy and eclectic song "Paddling Ghost" off his album Bromst. Fun, Creative and a perfect song and video for transitioning into Fall.

MP3: Paddling Ghost - Dan Deacon (YSI)

Speaking of being perfect for setting the mood for the approaching Autumn season, New York based indie rock band The Walkmen recently gave us this gorgeous and dark new video for their song "On The Water". The animated video perfectly captures the feel of the ominous music that provides its soundtrack.

MP3: On The Water - Walkmen (YSI)

This video for Austin quartet The Octopus Project's great song "Wet Gold" from their So Golden Beds EP is way to good to pass up. It kinda has the feel of a strange dream with its stormy seas, green monsters and colourful shell crabs set to its musical backdrop consisting of a whimsical blend of bells, handclaps, instrumental accents and electro-entwined melodies.

MP3: Wet Gold - The Octopus Project (YSI)

The new video for Brooklyn band The Antlers song "Two" has dark lyrics steeped in strife and is slightly reminiscent of Bright Eyes’ “A Perfect Sonnet.” However, rather than being a defeatist piece it's more a song about overcoming. The beautifully animated video attests to this idea of hope, despite the morbid lyrics, by representing the music as multiplying colourful orbs emitting from their instruments that float out the bands window and across the New York City skyline. Amazing song and video and the perfect Fall listening!

MP3: Two - The Antlers (YSI)

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