Mailbag :: International Edition

Time again for some mailbag action! A bunch of great remixes/tracks/mixes sent our way that I haven't been able to fit into a post. I feel bad just letting them sit in my playlist when they should be heard by all!

This month it's an International Mailbag as the contributers come from all over the globe! From UK, France, Argentina, Romania, South Africa & US! Love it! Keep'em coming and keep on reading! My direct email for submissions is Now let's get started!

First off here is an excellent midtempo electro-pop track sent to us by UK, Leeds artists 2020 Soundsystem. This is an unreleased track. Why? Choice cut if I do say so myself!

MP3: Satellite (Unreleased Track) - 2020 Soundsytem (YSI)

Next up is DJ JMP from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He sent us this great remix for Autokratz track 'Can't Get Enough' plus a full mix that is quite good! Even has a little Nitzer Ebb sprinkled in there! Sweet!

MP3: Can't Get Enough (DJ JMP Remix) - Autokratz (YSI)

DJ JMP Promo Mixtape Aug 2009 (1 Hr 27 Mins) 128 Kbps

FFFAIR hails from the beautiful Paris, France! Man I have to go visit there, and all Europe for that matter! FFFAIR is an electronic artist and he sent us this beautiful instrumental track called 'TTTOP'. Lovely stuff! Check out more on his myspace.


Next we have this excellent housey/electronic remix sent to us by DJ Topo & LMK for 'Sleepy' by Hypnotic Hour. It's an excellent dancefloor number! Think you guys will dig this as much as me. Try this out on the dancefloor at peak hour, I think you will be satisfied with the results. DJ Topo hails from Romania! Like I said we have an International Mailbag on our hands today.

MP3: Sleepy (Topo & LMK Remix) - Hypnotic Hour (YSI)

DJ Lapse hails from South Africa. He sent us this killer disco re-interpretation of Felix Da Housecat's 'We All Wanna Be Prince'. Ace as well!

MP3: We All Wanna Be Prince (Lapse Disco Mix) - Felix Da Housecat (YSI)

Wake Up! who hails from Brooklyn, NYC sent us a couple solid remixes. One for what has to be one of the most remixed/played songs of the last couple years Empire of the Sun's 'Walking on a Dream' and one for Lupe Fiasco's 'Paris, Tokyo' which matches the International theme we got going on today. Both are solid re-works!

MP3: Walking on a Dream (Wake Up! Remix) - Empire of the Sun (YSI)
MP3: Paris, Tokyo (Wake Up! Remix) - Lupe Fiasco (YSI)

Finally I leave you with a couple remixes sent to us for The Sounds. The first one is from Hey Champ from Chicago who's been tearing it up lately with some amazing remix work including this groovy summer remix for The Sounds 'Beatbox'. Then we also have an excellent dance remix by Viking for The Sounds single 'No One Sleeps While I'm Awake'.

MP3: Beatbox (Hey Champ Remix) - The Sounds (YSI)
MP3: No One Sleeps While I'm Awake (Vikings Remix) - The Sounds (YSI)

Here's the mediafire folder if you wanna download all the tracks in one go!

There you have it! 9 Tracks and a Mix! Definitely an International Mailbag this month! Check out the artists myspace links to delve further into them and keep the great work coming! I have more great submissions, but some of them I wanna focus on individual posts for. Particularly for the artists who sent me 3 or more tracks. Keep an eye out for those soon...


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radiocontrol said...

if you like the original by Felix…check out the remix by theAmplid