Apache Beat

Brooklyn based band Apache Beat, who having been teasing their followers with various singles here and there throughout the year, will be releasing the first single from their much anticipated first full length album titled Last Chants, that is due for release in early 2010!

Really looking forward to this one! The single entitled Your Powers Are Magic, which is out September 29th, is fantastic and very catchy. Further fueling the fire of anticipation for its release, the album is going to be featuring some amazingly talented guest contributors from Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Rapture and Lightspeed Champion!

Here is a Demo version. The actual version is available for purchase on September 29th or can be heard on their myspace.

MP3: Your Powers Are Magic (Demo Version) - Apache Beat  (YSI)

Here's the video for their previous single Tropics

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Valeria G said...

was just browsing through your blog via Hype Machine and, I gotta say, you guys post some really great, really off the radar stuff! Like this band for example, never heard of these guys before, but am now officially a new fan!