So the other day, I needed some music to go jogging with and I hate messing with my iPod (skipping songs, etc...) while I run. The solution, a new dj mix. And by the other day, I mean about a month and a half ago.

What came out was a bit on the house music tip. Some minimal tracks here, and some techy stuff over there. Some big club bangers (I think) and other stuff to hold it all together. I hope you guys like it (and keep an open ear to it...). This isn't Sunday morning music, but you should be sleeping right now anyways.

Some things to note in the mix.... I finally snuck "Well Now" by Jesse Rose in a mix. It is a seemingly strange "hoe- down" in the middle of this 4/4 fest but I like what happens. The Felix the Housecat is set to blow any sound system when it's played out in a club and the track before it, I should have probably let play a bit longer, there is a big break down right after I cut it over to the next song (oops). The Laidback Luke/Diplo track is something you would hear in downtown Miami (not the indie scene) back during Club Space's first iteration (circa 2000-01) hence the "Latin dub" moniker. Hey that's okay we welcome late comers too! The track builds up quite nicely. I can see some hands up in the air.

One thing, I really don't know why I put that Black Dice track to start. I had just rediscovered it and was playing it over and over again. Oh and (that's two things now) the last track is the only reason to buy the Groove soundtrack. That too was circa 2000. The movie portrayed one night at a San Francisco rave.

Hope you enjoy with open ears.

MP3: Dance-A-Long Mix
  1. Black Dice - Smiling Off (DFA Remix)
  2. Steve Barnes and Riley Reinhold - Odyssey (Remix by Remute)
  3. Capricorn - 20hz (Optimo Re-edit)
  4. The Goodmen - Give It Up
  5. Peter Horrevorts - Labyrinth
  6. Daniel Steinberg - Cry All Night (Original Mix)
  7. Osborne - The Count
  8. Jesse Rose - Well Now
  9. Rodriguez Jr. - Pandora
  10. Rico the Wizard - Spell of Love
  11. Felix the Housecat - Elvi$
  12. Laidback Luke and Diplo - Hey! (Nadastrom Hot Latin Dub)
  13. Plastique du Reve (feat. Radical Cheerleaders) - Resist
  14. Hot Chip - Hold On (D.I.M. Remix)
  15. Pearson Sound - Indelible
  16. God Within - Infinitely Gentle Blows (Scott Hardkiss' Aural Hallucination Remix)

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