Bang! Bang! Eche!

New Zealand
doesn't tend to send a whole lot of bands our way, but youthful dance punk sensation Bang! Bang! Eche! have really been gaining momentum outside of their little island nation down under.

The five member band defined by loud, thrashy guitars, synths, upbeat rhythms, and vocals which you could say are almost semi-rapped and mostly about partying deliver consistently high energy, high fun and highly danceable music.
The young Kiwi rockers have just released a fantastic brand new video for their song (You+Me) As Thick As Thieves, off their first self titled, self released album. They will also be releasing their follow up album Sonic Death Cuntttt this November, off which they have released the catchy first single Fist Full of Dollars.

Bang! Bang! Eche! has actually made their first, 5 track self titled EP available for free, which you can download HERE.

MP3: (You+Me) As Thick As Thieves - Bang! Bang! Eche! (YSI)
MP3: Fist Full of Dollars - Bang! Bang! Eche! (YSI)


Marc Latilla said...

Good job! Look forward to the rest

Anonymous said...

They were so much better with Ema as the singer...

Anonymous said...

annon1#, you are so wrong.

and they are now a 4-piece