Memory Tapes

Ok, so this is getting confusing. Memory Tapes is a combination of Memory Cassette (whom Ray wrote about earlier here) and Weird Tapes, who are all the creations of New Jersey's Dayve Hawk. Follow?

Well, it appears he has been a busy man, because fresh off his release of the 'Call and Response' EP as Memory Cassette, Memory Tapes has just released a full-length debut album 'Seek Magic' and it is absolutely fantastic! Think the wistful, hazy dreamwave sounds of Memory Cassette meet the dancey electro of Wierd Tapes with strong shoegazer influences.

MP3: Plain Material - Memory Tapes (YSI)
Bicycle - Memory Tapes

Also, following tradition, he has put together this 'Magic Sequence' mixtape, where he has woven together 30-minutes of remixes and original sounds. This is really amazing.

Magic Sequence - Memory Tapes

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Peter said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that got them mixed up! I actually bought this one thinking it was Memory Cassette and then found out it was a different project. Gee, how could I have gotten confused?!? Name issues aside, I'm glad I did though, because I absolutely love it!