Oliver Koletzi

Don't know much about Berlin artist Oliver Koletzi, but his track/video for 'Hypnotized' was sent to me the other day and I was blown away. Love this song/video!

Great mid-tempo electronic groovy number featuring silky smooth vocals from Fran who I had never heard before either, but has left me mightilly impressed! Great voice and great presence in the video. Beautiful girl frolicking in the sun in an open field. What more could we want?

After investigating his myspace seems he gets different vocalists to sing on his tracks. Some in English and some in German, but all quite good! His album is called Grobytadtmarchen and is out now.

Go to his myspace to hear more tracks and and watch another great track/video for These Habits feat Pyur. German vocals, but very smooth as well. Pyur is also a cutie like Fran, except a blondie!   


MP3: Hypnotized (feat Fran) - Oliver Koletzi  (YSI)

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Rick said...

Def. a awesome producer and remixer
Check out these vids also
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