Hallelujah The Hills

One listen to Boston's Hallelujah The Hills and you realize it's one of those bands you can't help but love. Their amazing lo-fi indie pop, complimented by big band instrumentation along with the quality singer/song writer lyricism of lead man Ryan Walsh all combine to create what, to me, defines what indie rock was meant to be.

With the recent release of their second album Colonial Drones, Hallelujah The Hills shows how much they have really grown as a band since their debut album The Collective Psychosis Begone back in 2007. Particularly loving the slower melodic tracks 'Oxus Pagoda' and 'Classic Tapes' along with the faster paced 'Blank Passports' in which they show their rock sensibility.

MP3: Oxus Pagoda - Hallelujah The Hills (YSI)
MP3: Classic Tapes - Hallelujah The Hills (YSI)
MP3: Blank Passports - Hallelujah The Hills (YSI)

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