City Calm Down

Like Australian bands Cut/Copy & Midnight Juggernauts City Calm Down also hail from down under and also continue the tradition of making excellent well produced electro-pop/rock.

Recently they contacted us and sent us two excellent tracks 'Right from Right' and 'You Can Have it So Much Better'. Loving them both! Very catchy dancey new wave-y tracks! They get caught in your head, having you humming them days later. Love that saxaphone at the end of 'You Can Have it So Much Better'. Are horns making a comeback? Noticing them a bit more lately. Psychedelic Furs had a sax guy at their show last week that killed!

These artists from Australia seriously have the pulse of electronic pop music of the day like no other. Keep it up guys! Keep us in the loop. Here are those two tracks in full 320! 

MP3: Right from Right - City Calm Down  (YSI)
MP3: You Can Have it So Much Better - City Calm Down  (YSI)


Anonymous said...

Man, all this great new stuff coming out of Australia these days makes me think down under might just be the new place to be!

Ray Milian said...

agreed! must be amazing live music scene.

Tim said...

Come down to Melbourne an vist anytime people! Nice and friendly and you'll looooove the live scene here, rocking!!!