Stricken City

London's Stricken City kicks off our October with the release of their mini album appropriately titled Songs About People We Know. Not sure why they didn't just release a full album, but my theory is this band is a tease. They release singles here and there, get our ear's attention, our feet dancing.. then poof! They go missing on tour. At least they stay productive on tour, check out Stricken City's T-shirts, all designed by the singer herself while on tour!

Here are some mp3's from the new album, and also a remix of last year's Lost Art. Enjoy!

MP3: Lost Art (Nic Nell Carrying The Ears Remix) - Stricken City (YSI)
MP3: Pull The House Down - Stricken City (YSI)
MP3: Don't Spit At Her Face - Stricken City (YSI)

Also band mate Iain Pettifer, a former film student, has posted a few films set to the soundtrack of Stricken City Remixes. This one made in Stockholm, really captures the English band's charm and creativity, plus great Lost Art remix by Gold Panda.

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Thomas said...

Thats some trippy shit! Liking it lots!