Heads We Dance Remixes + Artwork

Leed's band Heads We Dance who released their Debut Album 'Love Technology' earlier this year are releasing a bonus Remix Collection of their tracks appropriately titled 'Dance Technology'. Their giving it away for FREE off their site and in full 320! You gotta like that! It features many of our favorite up and coming artists/remixers like:: Artwork, Frankmusik, Don Diablo, Tepr, Louis La Roche & Justin Faust. That's a solid line-up!

So far my favorites remixes are by Artwork, Monsieur Le Menthe & Louis La Roche, but I suggest your lazy butt clicks the link above and get's the whole thing. It's FREE for God's sake :)

MP3: You Are Never Alone with Model 21 (Artwork Remix) - Heads We Dance  (YSI)
MP3: Low Carbon Life (Monsieur Le Menthe Remix) - Heads We Dance  (YSI)
MP3: My Heart is Set on You (Louis La Roche Remix) - Heads We Dance  (YSI)   


Heads We Dance said...

Hey. Thanks for the post. We'll also be announcing news of a brand new single very soon! Keep an eye on www.headswedance.co.uk. HWD x

Ray Milian said...

no problem! can't wait!