Bot'Ox are French electronic duo Julien Biffaz and Benjamin Boguet (aka Cosmo Vitelli and one half of Tekel). They seem to have a fascination with crashing cars. Most of their tracks feature titles like cars, motorcycles, crashes and now steel. In just five releases, Bot’Ox have cemented their place on the international scene with productions on prestigious labels such as DFA, DC recordings, Grand Central and their own label I’m a Cliché.

Following up their succesful single 'Crashed Cadillac' comes their newest musical twist in the form of 'Blue Steel' (haha Zoolander) feat vocals by Anna Jean and it is mighty fine! This new track is more on the poppy side with lots of vocals which I always love. They will be releasing their new EP also titled Blue Steel as a vinyl/digital release (which is really a glorified single) with b-side 'Bearded Lady Motorcycle Show' next week November 9th on their I'm a Cliche label.

The video for 'Blue Steel' is pretty sweet! Cars hitting things in slow motion. That's always fun. Be sure to check out their video for Crashed Cadillac on their myspace link above as well. Here is that new video plus a couple of their tracks and a Yuksek Remix. Loving these guys sound! Think you guys will too!

MP3: Grand Central - Bot'Ox

MP3: Arab Drift - Bot'Ox

MP3: Rue de l'Arsenal (Yuksek Remix) - Bot'Ox

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