Best Videos of 2009! Part 1

Not only was 2009 a great year for music there were also some amazing videos released as well! Here's some of my favorites...

Depeche Mode kicked off the year with one of their darkest tracks ever 'Wrong' and it was accompanied by this amazing scary movie type video for it. Unfortunately their label kept taking down the embedding for it, but I managed to find one on vimeo that's working albeit with some dead air space after the video. Here it is....

On a sidenote DM's tour this year in support of their latest album 'Sounds of the Universe' was amazing!!! Hands down best concert of 2009!

Another great car themed video from earlier this year was this one by La Roux for her track 'In for the Kill'. Love the retro 80's Deloreon and the deep red and blue colors they used.

2009 was a big year for vibrant colors in videos and one of the most colorful videos of the year is by Simian Mobile Disco for their amazing track 'Audacity of Huge'. One of my favorite tracks of 2009 was accompanied by this amazing video. A virtual color explosion! Gotta love it!

Another amazing glitter/color fest video that I loved this year came from Marina and the Diamonds for her great track 'I Am Not a Robot'. An amazing video! Love that hand shake she does at one point. She's too cute.

Friendly Fires released early in 2009 this amazing video for their equally spectacular track 'Skeleton Boy'. Very memorable video! One of my favorites of the year.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs rocked 2009 and this video for their huge hit 'Heads Will Roll' ft an MJ impersonator before his untimely death is spectacular! In contention for one of the best video/track combos of 2009.

Miike Snow had a great year and some great videos! Even though 'Animal' was a bigger hit my favorite video from them is for 'Black and Blue'. Love the mad scientist theme and the robot playing drums around 2 min 30 secs in is too much. Amazing! Reminds me a bit of Bjorks amazing robot video for 'All is Full of Love'.

By far the creepiest and eeeriest videos this year came from Fever Ray. Each one was creepier than the last, but my favorite one is the video for first single 'When I Grow Up' were the girl is dancing over the pool that eventually turns stormy. Awesome!

One of the most inventive and original videos to come out this year was by We Have Band for their track 'We Came Out'. Stop motion amazingness that must have take forever to do, but in the end it was worth it! One of the most creative videos of 09. Job well done!

Fan Death's video for their track 'Reunited' was one of the best movie like videos to come out this year. It takes you on a whole little journey were you get to meet a lot of not so good celebrity impersonations of Prince, Axl Rose and others. Love it!

Just to show you don't have to have complicated/expensive videos to make a memorable one Beni hit a home run with his video for 'Maximus' featuring a bunch of kids dancing to his song in a store and out in the streets. You can never go wrong with kids in a video, especially if they dance this good.

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