Best Videos of 2009! Part 2

Hope you all had a great Christmas! Here is Part 2 of our Favorite Videos of 2009! Hope you like them as much as we do!

Pet Shop Boys came out strong in 09' with their amazing first single off of 10th studio album Yes, called 'Love, Etc'. It was accompanied by this amazing animated video. One of my favorite videos of the year!

Young Swedish artists Sound of Arrows made a splash in 2009 and got me excited about what lies ahead in their future. No video was able to capture the feeling of the dreamwave genre as well as their video for 'Into the Clouds' which literally took you flying through the sky. Beautiful track accompanied by this beautiful/colorful video for it.

Like a scene straight out of a Quentin Tarantino movie The Dead Weather got violent with their video for 'Treat Me Like Your Mother' and I loved it! Definitely one for the books!

Holy Ghost finally put out a new single in 2009! Their first material since 2007's 'Hold On'. 'I Will Come Back' is another classic tune that I played out all year long. For the video they re-made the classic New Order video for Confusion ft cameos by Arthur Baker who reprised his role in the original New Order video and Nancy Whang of The Juan Maclean fame who played the lead female part. A great modern re-interpretation of New York City nightlife and that classic New Order video. Makes me wanna go to NYC and dance, dance, dance!

Julian Plenti aka Paul Banks from Interpol put this great movie-like video for his track 'Games for Days' that reminds me of movies like Memento were you don't quite know what's going on. Co-starring Emily Haines from Metric fame they might have a future ahead of them as actors as well.

Another recurring themes in videos this year besides bold bright colors dealt with science. Like this one for my favorite Passion Pit video for 'To Kingdom Come' which features both. Bright beautiful colors and a scientific theme.

Sex sells and no were was this more evident this year than on this video for Make the Girl Dance's track 'Baby, Baby, Baby'. Basically just featuring naked models walking down a busy street in France. Umm yeah, great video! Some of the people's reactions or lack of reactions make for part of the fun. This one features text in English so you can read what she's singing about.

This video for Who Made Who's excellent track 'Keep Me in My Plane' is highly imaginative and highly entertaining. Following him through his life's trials and tribulations ultimately to his death. It's a great one!

Continuing with the theme of bright/vibrant colors Grizzly Bear's video for 'Ready, Able' is a virtual explosion of amazing colors and creativity with clay animation. Just freaking amazing! By far, one of the most creative and imaginative videos of the year.

As far as 8 bit technology goes this video by Flair's for their track 'Trucker's Delight' is ace!  Highly entertaining and creative! They should totally make a video game out of this. I'd buy it.

Continuing in the tradition of bands like MGMT or Empire of the Sun which this video reminds me a bit of. Boy Crisis put out this excellent video for their amazing track 'Fountain of Youth' with lots of theatrics, makeup and great wardrobe styling! Job well done! A great video!

Love, love, love this Vitalic video for their great track 'Poison Lips' which I still play out on the dancefloor. Beautiful colors and some of the most beautiful asian girls I've ever seen! That first girl is just stunning!

The Golden Filter took forever to make a video for their blog loved dancefloor friendly jam 'Solid Gold' but when they finally did it was a great one. Love the sepia tones and color splashes. Lots to look forward from The Golden Filter in 2010 and beyond!

Finally we leave you with the big Classixx hit of 09' 'I'll Get You' featuring this simple summer video shot by Cobrasnake that perfectly matches the breezy nature of the track. A great summer video. Short, sweet and to the point. Another example of how you don't need a huge budget to make a good video. 

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