Tigercity + French Horn Rebellion

Finally got my shiny new Apple iMac! Sooo much better than the piece of crap I had before. Don't know why I waited so long to get it. Being without a computer for a week flooded my inbox with tons of new music submissions. I'll be in catch up mode for the next week or so.

Anyways Art Basel was pretty insane last week. So many people and events it's kinda overwhelming, but it's still better than how the Miami art scene usually is here, so I kinda wish it would never end. Minus all the traffic of course, which can be pretty annoying. I'll be downloading some pics I took from that soon. 

In meantime I went out tonight to the Lake Worth area about 1 hr and a half hrs North of Miami to see good friends Tigercity who were playing with French Horn Rebellion at Propaganda. The place was pretty empty, but I had a great time. One of the craziest things to me is how cheap the liquor is there. 3 shots of Whiskey and 3 Yieungling Beers were $12! I couldn't believe it. That's like a beer and a cheap shot here in Miami. Pretty insane.

While I was there I got to talk to the French Horn Rebellion guys and they emailed me on the spot this great remix they did for Tigercity's new Track 'Ancient Lover'. Apparently it's a better mastered version of the remix than they have yet to send to anybody. So here you go. It is a pretty smooth affair. Loving it!

P.S. Sorry the pics are such bad quality, but I forgot my camera so I had to take them from my CrackBerry.

MP3: Ancient Lover (French Horn Rebellion Remix) - Tigercity

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