The Watermarks

The Watermarks from Houston, Texas recently sent us their new EP titled 'Thoughts Like Bombs' for review and I am thoroughly impressed! Great catchy, dancey indie rock. Love the lead singer's voice! 

Initially my favorites are 'Only Rains on You', 'I Used to be Your Rock N' Roll' and 'No Answer' which I'm gonna post here for you guys to check out, but that may change as there's not a bad one in the entire 7 track EP. If you dig these you can download the whole EP for Free on their website.  It's good stuff though, so maybe you can send them a little donation. Like they say on their site even a buck or two helps.

MP3: Only Rains on You - The Watermarks

MP3: I Used to be Your Rock N' Roll - The Watermarks

MP3: No Answer - The Watermarks

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