Kris Menace

Love how a good remix can breathe new life into a song. Like this Kris Menace remix of Bag Raiders 'Shooting Stars'. I love that track, but kinda got sick of it just cause I've been playing out for so long. This remix by Kris Menace kinda changes all that. Thanks Kris! Thanks also to my friend Tanya for posting it on Facebook!

P.S. According to Kris's myspace seems he will doing a new project called Black Van that will be released on DFA records soon. You know if it's on DFA it's gotta be some amazing shit. Can't wait!

P.S.S. Read the other day on Pitchfork that Tim Goldsworthy has split from DFA records which he helped co-create with partner James Murphy. Kinda bummed. Seemed it wasn't too much of an amicable split either. Read the post here.

MP3: Shooting Stars (Kris Menace Remix) - Bag Raiders

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Electrobunni said...

Thanks for the shout out!! xoxo