New Two Door Cinema Club Video + Remix


Two Door Cinema Club just released their second single/video for 'Undercover Martyn' off their forthcoming debut album Tourist History to be released March 1st on Kitsune Records.

Not my favorite video as I feel too many bands have been doing the hanging from the air thing this past year, but it's a good chance for me to post this excellent remix Whatever-Whatever did for 'Undercover Martyn'. An 8 and a half minute dancefloor stomper that Matt introduced me to that is sooo good! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

P.S. If you live in South Florida don't miss Million Young who will be performing Tonight at The Vagabond! Then Saturday Hercules and Love Affair will be stopping by The Vagabond for a DJ Set as well! Can't wait! See you there...

MP3: Undercover Martyn (Whatever Whatever Remix) - Two Door Cinema Club

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