Lali Puna Returns!

I've been waiting for the day when we finally get some new music from the amazing Lali Puna and the day has finally come! After 6 years since their 2004 album Faking the Books during which I think lead singer Valerie had a baby Our Inventions is finally set for release April 2nd on their longtime label Morr Music!

I got a copy of the album yesterday and it was worth the wait! Already heard it a few times through. An amazing record that is everything we've come to expect from these amazing musicians which includes one of the guys from The Notwist who are pretty amazing in their own right.

So far my favorite tracks are first single 'Remember?' where she proclaims 'Will You Remember Me?' (appropriate after a such a long absence) plus 'Move On' & 'Everything Is Always' which reminds me of early them, but they are all classic Lali Puna. Simple glitchy downtempo electronic pop music that they do so well. Long time fans will not be disappointed and maybe they will make a few new ones along the way. Glad to have them back! Please don't leave us for so long next time...

Here is Remember? which they posted for free download on Pitchfork, plus the album tracklisting. Be sure to pick this baby up as soon as you get a chance, you won't be disappointed. Also if you live in Europe seems they will be doing a tour there soon. Lucky you!

MP3: Remember? - Lali Puna

Our Inventions Tracklisting::
1. Rest Your Head
2. Remember?
3. Everything is Always
4. Our Inventions
5. Move On
6. Safe Tomorrow
7. Future Tense
8. Hostile to Me
9. That Day
10. Out There Ft. Yukihiro Takahashi

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