Richard X Remixes Goldfrapp

Never realized how few good pictures there are available for Richard X until I tried to find a good quality one for this post. The beautiful Alison from Goldfrapp will have to suffice.

Anyways once again Richard X pulls out another amazing remix. This time it's for Goldfrapp's 'Rocket' from their upcoming album Head First due March 23rd. Can't wait for that one! Goldfrapp are kind of chameleons. Wondering which Goldfrapp we will be getting this time. Although by the sound of first single 'Rocket' it looks like it will be pure pop, which is fine by me.

MP3: Rocket (Richard X One Zero Remix) - Goldfrapp

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calvin said...

Not bad, although I prefer the Grum remix. Didn't actually like it at first hearing (on BBCR2_RadConi) but it is a grower, like many of Will & Alison's tracks. Still haven't totally got into the last album yet, but it's a slow thing with me sometimes!