New Golden Filter Track

Had this new Golden Filter track last week, but didn't post it cause I thought they were taking it down. Today I check Hype Machine and it is everywhere! Guess they're not taking it down...

Here is 'Hide Me' the opening track from Golden Filter's debut album Voluspa which will finally be seeing the light of day April the 26th on Brille Records. Golden Filter is giving it away on their site in exchange for your email.

As usual great stuff albeit a bit more subdued that what we've previously heard from them, but since it's gonna be the first track on the record it makes sense. They definitely got their sound down to a science. Like previous Golden Filter tracks it's only 128kbps which kinda sucks, but hey at least we can get an idea what we will be getting come April. Save up your milk money for this one kids.

MP3: Hide Me - Golden Filter

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