'Mouthful of Diamonds' has been on repeat ever since I discovered the genre bending duo Phantogram's debut album streamed on NPR. Phantogram made up of Sarah D. Barthel and Joshua M. Carter released Eyelid Movies on Barsuk Records February 9th of this year. The duo from Saratoga Springs, New York fuse together an electronic style with samples and delayed guitars over hip hop influenced beats and moody vocals. Sarah's voice floats like a dream over the complex sonic layering and there is a great male/female vocal dynamic throughout the album. There has been a lot of comparisons with artists like the XX and Portishead and though I see the similarities I find more optimism hidden in Phantogram's music. I also heard a lot of good things about their live show through a friend who recently saw them at Union Hall in Brooklyn. Definitely won't be missing their next NY show! Find both the track and live performance from Cutting Room Studios in NYC below.

MP3: Mouthful of Diamonds - Phantogram

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