People From Venus Release Debut Album

Local heroes of mine People from Venus are finally getting ready to release their Debut Album 'Toot Toot Yeah!' They sent me a copy of the record and it is amazing! Everything I knew they were capable of and more. In celebration of the release they will be real busy next week. First Monday, March the 1st in association with Wasabi Fashion Kult they will be holding an album listening party at Bardot, this swank little lounge here in Miami were yours truly will also be spinning. Pretty excited as it's my first time spinning there. Then on Wednesday, March the 3rd they will be having a Release Party for the album with a Live Performance at a weekly party I throw called (786) at Purdy Lounge. The last time they played at (786) was for our preview party almost a year ago. They rocked the house! Excited to have them back. Sometimes good guys finish first! People from Venus deserve all the praise being sent their way, not only are they amazing musicians but their also amazing people. It's almost like their from another planet (sorry couldn't resist).

Here are a couple of my favorite tracks from the new album 'Girl From Planet Earth' and 'Static', plus a sweet dance remix Cosmo did for 'Future is Wild' also from the album and a Cosmo track called 'Control' featuring Paul Isaac lead singer for PFV that is stellar! I played it out last week at the clubs and it sounded amazing! People were loving it! Hopefully these tracks will get you excited for the events. If you live in the South Florida area you should definitely make it out. Gonna be a blast! I posted links to the facebook invites above if you need more info.

MP3: Girl From Planet Earth - People From Venus

MP3: Static - People From Venus

MP3: Future is Wild (COSMO Remix) - People From Venus

MP3: Control feat Paul Isaac (People From Venus) - COSMO