Yeasayer's O.N.E.

I sat on this remix all weekend thinking about whether or not I should proclaim my undying love for it, and after much consideration decided: Yes, yes I should. Yeasayer's "O.N.E." has definitely garnered the most attention from their new album Odd Blood which comes out tomorrow. XXXChange took this track and made it so incredibly fun, it will have the "hipster" set fist pumping harder than a "guido" at a Jersey Shore appearance. It's like selling cheezdoodles in the fine cheese section at whole foods. Yeasayer has established a well deserved reputation for their politically conscious dance music, and this is a delicious way to lighten things up.

Remix or no remix, I have never danced harder than I did at the two Yeasayer concerts I went to. I didn't even know who they were when I saw them open up for the National at Summer Stage in 2008. So if you can catch this band live, do it. Checkout and download O.N.E. below along with the remix.

MP3: O.N.E - Yeasayer

MP3: O.N.E. (XXXchange Remix) -Yeasayer


Anonymous said...

Check out Broken Bells video for "The High Road": Broken Bells consists of Dangermouse and James Mercer, lead singer of The Shins!

Unknown said...

Odd Blood album review now up on