COSMO (Exclusive)


I previously posted a COSMO remix + original track feat Paul Isaac from People From Venus here. Earlier this week at the PFV CD Listening Party at Bardot I ran into COSMO (aka Brett Thorngren) and he gave me a CD featuring 3 New Tracks feat gorgeous vocal work by Joce Milanes that will be featured on his upcoming new album being released later this year. He gave me the go ahead to be the first blog to post his new tracks and I must say they are exquisite! Electro-pop gold! Seriously music doesn't get much catchier than this. Love, love, love them! Glad to be the first blog to post these as I feel he has a bright future ahead of him.

As a side-note Brett was one of the first DJ's I looked up to growing up in the Miami underground scene. Before words like Hipster, Indie or even Electroclash existed I used to frequent a bar called Mars Bar in a shopping mall in Kendall (if you can believe it) almost every Thursday. Along with other local DJ's like Danny Bled (The Church) they are some of the DJ's that most shaped who I am today as a DJ. For that I am forever grateful. As the saying goes 'Standing on the Shoulders of Giants'.

MP3: Forever Holding On feat Joce Milanes - COSMO

MP3: Our Love feat Joce Milanes - COSMO

MP3: For You Always feat Joce Milanes - COSMO


Victor Castro said...

The music goes with the writing... both came from the heart!!! I like!!

Zalman Lekach said...

Cosmo is my mentor, taught me how to DJ. Anything he touches is gold...

Unknown said...

Good stuff. The music is driving and Joces voice is phenomenal.