Diamond Cut

Diamond Cut is an up and coming artist/remixer from NYC that sent us his newest dance remix of Starrset's track 'My Face' that is pure adrenaline! Prime time grade A dancefloor hotness! While I was checking out his myspace I noticed he has tons of amazing remixes for a million different artists that you can download for free right off his myspace/soundcloud account in full 320 bit rate quality! Made sure I got me some, I highly recommend you do the same! Love his style! Very 80's new wave dance vibe that I love so much. He's even got some original material 'Teardrops' that is excellent as well.

So many to choose from, here are just some of my favorite remixes from him. All good though. No joke! Wow! It's like a treasure chest of material. Diamonds I say! DJ's in particular will be in heaven with these.

MP3: My Face (Diamond Cut Remix) - Starrset

MP3: Beating Of the Drum (Diamond Cut ReVox) - Visitor

MP3: Hey Boys & Girls (Diamond Cut Remix) - Evermore

MP3: Lying Around (Diamond Cut Remix) - Cassette Kids

MP3: Wish U Were Here (Diamond Cut Remix) - Radio Ink

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