Every once in a while one is lucky enough to stumble across a relatively undiscovered, brilliant little gem of a band on the brink of a total explosion. I believe such will be the case with Los Angeles based band Kisses. One listen to their infectious, airy indie-pop track 'Bermuda' and you know they are going to be huge. Hell, I can't stop listening to it! So keep an eye out for these guys. They will be playing SXSW this year plus have a debut album coming out sometime this Spring titled The Heart of The Nightlife. Could be the band of this Spring/Summer!

MP3: Bermuda - Kisses

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Sam said...

These guys are really good! Definitely agree that they are a rising band. I'm gonna write about them at my blog thanks to you. If you like these guys check the Delta Mirror. They're another really good rising LA band. They have a couple of shows at the Echo coming up that you should check out (I don't know if you are in LA).

I have some dl links in this post