Florrie + Fred Falke

So it's pretty obvious I'm a sucker for dance music with female vocals and though this genre has been beat to death with "new artists" there are still the gems worth mentioning such as La Roux, Ellie Goulding, etc. Well here's another one and she goes by Florrie. She's easy on the eyes, multitalented, and releasing tracks with Fred Falke. She's a professional drummer out of London and has been working playing in the house band for Xenomania Record's label artists. At only 20 years old she's following her dreams and well she's hot on their tail. You can find her two tracks with Fred Falke on her website for free or just cheat and check them out below.

MP3: Panic Attack (Fred Falke Extended Mix) - Florrie

MP3: Call 911 (Fred Falke Remix) - Florrie

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