Tater Tots with Twin Shadow

My very first post on OTR post was on the lovely and talented Twin Shadow. A few weeks ago I went and checked him out when he played at Le Poisson Rouge and was blown away. He has almost a full band supporting him (at that point he still needed a drummer) and a handful of songs on top of the one's demo'd on his myspace. His stage presence is undeniable. His voice is just haunting and the guy can shred.

I lured him with the promise of gin and tonics to sit down and answer some questions for me since I have been curious since yellow balloon first burst out of my speakers of what's to come. We sat at the bar where we munched on tater tots and shot the shit. Turns out we have Florida roots in common and though it has nothing to do with the name, Twin Shadow (George) does have a twin sister! He is working on a releasing a full length on Terrible Records (Founded by Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor and Lust Boy's Ethan Silverman) so we'll probably be seeing mostly remixes from him till the records done. I hope we don't have to wait too long for that record because I love his music!

Here's a remix he did for fellow Brooklyn based band Bear in Heaven as well as another one of his tracks "Castles in the Snow".

MP3: Lovesick Teenagers (Twin Shadow - Twins In Heaven Remix) - Bear In Heaven

MP3: Castles In The Snow - Twin Shadow

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