Leaked Tuesday w/The National + LCD Soundsystem

The National's highly anticipated new album High Violet that Caroline wrote about here, recently had first single 'Bloodbuzz Ohio' ripped after it was played on Radio 1. As a result they decided to take matters into their own hands and release the track on their website as a free download in 192 kbps or 320 kbps in exchange for your email. Sounds like a sweet deal to me! The track is nothing short of spectacular! That baritone voice of his is so amazing it gives me goosebumps. If this is any indication of what lies ahead we are in for a major treat and a contender for album of the year. High Violet is officially released May 11th. Sneak a peek at the amazing first single...

MP3: Bloodbuzz Ohio - The National

Another album that is highly anticipated this year is the as yet untitled third album from LCD Soundsystem that is also due in May. Been reading on some blogs that this may be LCD's last album? Hope not! Anyways they released a new track from the album called 'Drunk Girls' that is a pretty straight forward party song reminiscent of songs like 'Fight For Your Right to Party' by Beastie Boys and the like. I can picture this being a pretty big fist pumping party anthem on the dancefloor already.

Update:: Just as I posted this LCD Soundsystem finally revealed the artwork/album title for their new record which is gonna be 'This is Happening'. Check that out above! Enjoy!

MP3: Drunk Girls - LCD Soundsystem

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Victor Castro said...

ray i've been listening to these two tracks all week! amazing! i thought the exact same thing on lcd soundsystem's track and i forgot to comment about it on one of the many "social networks".

I also thought that if i was blogging, i would been posting these same tracks on here.

i truly cannot wait for these two to come out and to hear you play lcd!!!

good stuff as of late. btw, caroline is a great addition to he fine group you have going here!

see you around...