Cosmo Black

Australian trio Cosmo Black are getting ready to release their first original material in June. In the meantime they've gotten a little restless and put together a series of bootleg remixes they've sent our way including their latest "Cosmic Jive (Weren't No DJ)" featuring vocals from Spiders From Mars era David Bowie. Love the remix! Very smooth and chill remix, plus I'm pretty much a sucker for David Bowie's voice. Nice choice.

In addition to their latest they've also previously put together bootleg remixes for Rolling Stones "Waiting on a Friend" and PNAU's "With You Forever". Here are those for your listening/downloading pleasure...

MP3: Cosmic Jive (Weren't No DJ) - Cosmo Black feat David Bowie  320 kbps

MP3: With Your Forever (Cosmo Black Remix) - PNAU  192 kbps

MP3: Waiting on a Friend (Cosmo Black Flyin' Remix) - Rolling Stones  320 kbps

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