Boy do I love Achephale Records. They always send us such amazing music. Probably doesn't hurt that their from Sweden, a magical place for pop music. The music artists create there is totally unique and different from anything anyone else being created at any particular moment in time. It's as if their in their own little bubble away from the going-ons of the rest of the world and I kinda like it that way.

This week Acephale sent us a couple new tracks from a new artist on their roster called Korallreven which is a duo comprised of Marcus Joons and Daniel Tjader, keyboardist for The Radio Dept. which quickly explains why I like their music so much. Love Radio Dept!

Anyways both these tracks are from their first single titled "The Truest Faith" and "Loved-Up" and have been cleared for posting. Their debut album is in the works and scheduled for release later in the year. The music is dreamy pop goodness perfect for this time of the year. It gives you the feeling of the skies clearing for the upcoming days of summer. "The Truest Faith" has vocals so I like it a little better, but the instrumental "Loved-Up" is almost as good. Can't wait for more. In the meantime get acquainted with Korallreven.

MP3: The Truest Faith - Korallreven

MP3: Loved-Up - Korallreven

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