The Dig

In keeping with the rock theme of today wanted to do a little post about up and coming NYC indie rock band The Dig.

First heard about them through a booking agent when I was booking Boy Crisis. I asked the agent which bands she was into and one of the bands she mentioned was The Dig. Can't say enough about word of mouth promotions, they're usually the best, especially if the source is good.

Anyways I went on to do a little research and found a couple of tracks of theirs on Hype Machine for "Two Sisters in Love" and "You're Already Gone" and they both knocked my socks off. They remind me a bit of The Walkmen and at times of Supergrass (who RIP called it quits this week after 17 amazing years), but with their own little twist. Really good stuff! Just got their album and still kinda digesting it, but wanted to post these two tracks so you can get started with them at the same time as me. Let's do this together shall we. 

Their debut album Electric Toys is officially released on June the 6th and they are currently on tour with The Joy Formidable. Check their myspace link above for the tour dates. Seems to be mainly up north, you lucky bastards! We always get jipped down here in Miami.

In addition to the tracks here's a live video of them performing "Sick Sad Morning" also from their debut album at the Mercury Lounge in NYC.

MP3: Two Sisters in Love - The Dig

MP3: You're Already Gone - The Dig

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