Gypsy & The Cat

Probably one of my favorite discoveries recently is Australian duo Gyspy & The Cat. Their music is pretty magical! It has this amazing 70's/80's classic soft rock/pop feel to it, but with a modern twist that sounds timeless. Absolutely lovely stuff. Reminds me a bit of the way Van She's "Kelly" made me feel when I first heard it. Has a bit of that energy, like you've somehow already heard it. It was already there somewhere deep in your subconscious.

Their tracks "Till Tomorrow" and "Jona Vark" are amazing! Unfortunately can't post them as they are gonna be releasing them soon, but I recommend you check out their myspace link above and have a listen.

Their track "Time to Wander" remixed by Joan of Arc is being featured on the upcoming Kitsune #9 Compilation and the band have given us permission to post it. It is one of the most beautiful tracks I've heard in a long time. So breezy and light, makes my mind soar just like the lyrics say 'Tiiiiiime to Wander'. This is what good music should do, inspire you and help you forget about your problems even if just for 4 minutes at a time. Prepare to fall in love with Gypsy & The Cat!

MP3: Time to Wander (Joan of Arc Remix) - Gypsy & The Cat


conny said...

absolutely beautiful - totally agree :-) it makes smile and wonna dance around

Anonymous said...

Time To Wander <3 <3 <3