Housse De Racket

Housse De Racket are an indie rock/pop duo from Paris. They are getting ready to release their single "Oh Yeah!" in the UK May 26th. To coincide with the release they are gonna be giving away tons of remixes for the track by the likes of Keenhouse, The Lowbrows, Walter Sobcek, DJ Tonka, Hemingway and Hidden Cat over the next couple weeks. In the meantime they are giving away three remixes that are ready to go now by Barretso, Nighty Max and We Love Machines. I kinda like them in that order. The Barretso one being my fave.

Here are those remixes in full 320 bit rate, plus their video for the track just in case you haven't heard them before. They are definitely a more indie rock/pop type of band so kinda cool that their releasing these remixes. Hopefully gives them more exposure in the dance clubs.

P.S. They also wanted us to mention that they will be performing in London's Camden Crawl on May 1st. Wish I could go! Send me a ticket to London someone!

MP3: Oh Yeah! (Barretso Remix) - Housse De Racket  320 kbps

MP3: Oh Yeah! (Nighty Max Remix) - Housse De Racket  320 kbps

MP3: Oh Yeah! (We Love Machines Remix) - Housse De Racket  320 kbps